It’s An Artist’s Life ! ……by Cathy Leo

Main Street in the Magic Kingdom will lead you to the little alley where you will find the greatest artists doing caricature style or portrait style drawings. As you walk down Main Street USA in the Kingdom you will see little carts parked in the alley-way on the right side of Main Street. It’s something you can’t miss because it’s always a very busy location with children and adults alike getting their photos drawn by these amazingly talented artists. It’s a very interesting site because you have the well-behaved child thrilled to have his/her picture drawn or  you have the reluctant older child whose parents want the traditional portrait done each year. Either way it’s an interesting observation. It’s a known fact that once you get that first portrait done you look forward to getting subsequent photos each year to compare from the years prior to your current visit.

Silhouettes are also a choice if you desire. Mickey provides many choices. He is eager to please his visitors. It’s also a treat to watch the artists and their subjects. Some subjects are first time customers and many are return customers. If they are children, parents like to have it done upon each visit to cherish as a vacation reminder and to see how the children have grown over the years. I like to stroll down the alley with a ” Starbucks in hand and “watch the talented artists at work”. Yes! There’s a Starbucks right around the corner on Main Street USA .Sometimes I’m lucky enough to see the finished product. Disney only employs the best artists. They never disappoint.

At the end of the alley there are tables with umbrellas. If you’re lucky you will find a seat in the shade. If you’re not, you can always sit on the curb and enjoy the view and relax with one in your hand, a Starbucks drink that is.  One very important requirement  the artists have is that the subject has to be ” awake “. A sleeping child or “adult” 🙂  is not a good subject for the artist. All the artists I have seen or experienced are very patient and understanding. All the subjects have been patient and understanding as well at least most of the time 🙂 So mosey on down Main Street , Duck into the Alley , Grab a seat at one of the artists’ stations and Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Experience.

“You’re Never Too Old To Be Young”

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