What’s going on with runDisney?

It seems like changes may be in the works again for runDisney. On March 8, the night before early Registration for 2018 Star Wars Light Side was to start, runDisney posted on their Facebook page a message delaying that registration.

The last time this happened was just before registration for the 2016 Wine and Dine weekend. When the update came we learned that the last nighttime race at Disney was being moved to a morning race. And a 10k was being added, along with what was (that year) Lumiere’s Two Course Challenge, and the post race party would be Sunday night. Based on my internet feeds the response to this was that people lost their minds. People had travel booked already that would take them home Sunday. People only wanted to run this race because it was a night time race and moving it to morning meant they didn’t want to do it anymore. Now I can understand people being offput by the sudden change. But I found it interesting people had already booked flights before even knowing if they’d be able to get into the event. Personally I was planning to do the 5k which was originally to be Saturday morning, before getting on the Disney Fantasy that day. In my case the change worked to my benefit because we ran the 5k Friday instead. I debated for a while trying to do the 10k before the cruise but my travel group was not on board with that idea and I gave up on it.

I feel like, the response this time wasn’t slightly as bad as the Wine and Dine change. But there were definitely some angry posts from people who had arranged to take off work so they could book right at noon on early registration day (or the subsequent regular registration day). I’ve previously mentioned alternate ways to get registered for runDisney events including travel agents, charities, and companies like Raw Threads which allow me not to worry about being online right at registration time. It seems the last few months registration before general availability has been available at Expos, and also past race participants have been getting emails to sign up. I for example, got an email last week for runDisney thanking me for participating in this year’s Princess weekend and including a link to register for 2018. Regular registration date for Princess isn’t until early May this year. I’m already signed up for the Fairytale Challenge through Raw Threads (more on that to come!).

One of the interesting rumors that seemed to come out of this delayed registration announcement is that the name of the race may be changed from Light Side. People who had already registered for the Light Side event through assorted early registration methods, have noted that when logging into their Active.com accounts instead of it listing them being registered for the “Light Side” they are registered for the  “Resistance Run”. runDisney still lists the weekend as the Light Side online, but I think we may see an update whenever they announce the new registration date.

We’ve also seen recent changes to other races. It was announced that Disneyland Half weekend will have all Pixar themed races. Another area many people seem to be losing their minds over – but in this case as we’re well past initial registration I can better understand this significant shift in theming from historical Disneyland Half weekends. They have also striped the “Dumbo” from the Double Dare Challenge which makes sense given we now know is a Pixar themed weekend.

Similarly Wine and Dine for 2017 dropped the “Lumiere” branding for the Challenge and instead its just listed as the “Two Course Challenge” and the 5k is rethemed yet again from last year’s Mickey’s Holiday 5k to the “Fall Feast”. Its unclear if the race will remain in Animal Kingdom or move to Epcot which seems to make more sense for a food themed race. Again, I think both changes open up some flexibility on theming both for the events and the medals.

When the Princess 2018 information went online many people immediately noticed that instead of the Glass Slipper challenge, the runDisney site listed the 5th annual “Fairy Tale Challenge”. Many seem to be really angry about this. Since I have signed up for my first “Glass Slipper” in 2018 I was a little bit bummed that the medal may be different than what it has been the last 4 years because I think its really cool. That said, I can see that a more neutral name “Fairy Tale” opens up the medal theming beyond just Cinderella. I suspect I’ll be so ecstatic I earn the challenge medal  I won’t care what it looks like, it will be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and the hardest thing I’ve ever worked for.

What are your thoughts on all the recent changes? Do you think they are for the better? Are you upset about the delayed registration for next January in Disneyland? Upset about the name changes? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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