5 Subtle Signs You’re Raising a Disney Child

An obvious sign you’re raising a Disney child – you bring them to Disney!!

Hi everyone!  As you may or may not  know, I became a mom in June 2015 with the birth of my son, Theodore.  I thought it might be fun this month to point out a few of the moments that I’ve realized I am raising him right – that’s to say, as a Disney child! There are, of course, many obvious signs he’s a Disney baby (toddler now!); a Mary Poppins themed nursery, a Mickey Mouse first birthday party and a first trip to Disney World at 15 months.  But, the few reasons below are a little less obvious, in my opinion.  So, in no particular order, here we go:

1. The only time your very active toddler will sit still is to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Mickey & the Roadster Racers.  We limit the amount of TV time Theo gets, but when he (or Mom) need a short break, we’ll let him watch a TV show.  You’d think he’d be happy with anything given the limited  exposure, but NOPE!  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Mickey & the Roadster Racers are the only 2 shows that keep him entertained.

Peace for Mom! Watching Mickey while sitting on his Mickey couch, with his Disney dog, Jiko, drinking Mickey milk.

2. Your child thinks the word for snowman is Olaf.  We have a few Olaf items in our house, and Theo dressed as Olaf for Halloween 2016, so he’s seen the character often.  His vocabulary is only about 15-20 words at this point, but one of them is Olaf, which he uses for any snowman he sees.

Dressed up as Olaf for Halloween

3. You have Mickey shoes in all sizes.  Even before he was born, we were buying Disney apparel and accessories, including shoes.  As he’s grown, we’ve kept this up, buying shoes in future sizes so he’ll always have Mickey shoes to wear.  The times we’ve put him in non-Mickey shoes have resulted in some not-so-fun toddler meltdowns.

Mickey shoes ranging in size from 2 through 7.

4. Your child’s table setting is entirely Disney.  The placemat, utensils, plate and cups are all Disney.  Theo is a terrible eater, but he likes to move the food around on his plate to see what characters are underneath.  We actually have 5 of the same Mickey cup because it is the only cup he’ll use to drink milk.

One of his (few) favorite foods to eat: Mickey waffles!

5. Your child learned Disney characters before anything “useful.”  I put useful in quotes because knowing Disney character is useful in this house.  However, I realized one day that I could ask Theo to point out characters on this puzzle and around our house and it was no problem.  I later thought that perhaps I should’ve taught him numbers, letters, shapes or colors first.  Oh well, he’ll learn all that in time!  For now, he’s smart for knowing what really matters in life – a love for all things Disney!

He’s done this puzzle a lot and learned these characters quickly!


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