Going to the Dark Side


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Have you ever had a totally crazy idea? Did you decide to do it? Well I did. It started when a friend casually mentioned cheap airfare and ended with me agreeing to fly to Florida for 36 hours to run a half marathon. Sounds like fun, right? Sure, I hadn’t run a half marathon in two years and hadn’t been training for one. But that just adds to the adventure. (What did I get myself into?)

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If you haven’t guessed, I will be running the Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon on Sunday, April 23rd. It will be my first runDisney event at Walt Disney World, and running it means that I will finally earn a Coast to Coast medal. I’ll earn that medal two weeks later at the Disneyland Resort when I complete the Pixie Dust Challenge.

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Once I committed to this crazy scheme I started training right away. I am a huge fan of Jeff Galloway’s run/walk program and of the the training plans he makes available through runDisney. Fortunately, when I started it was only week five of his training schedule and the mileage wasn’t very high, yet. I picked it up from there and last week I completed my 14 mile training run, so I am good to go.



Of course, there was a much bigger challenge to face. What was I going to wear? I’ve run the Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon in the past as Princess Leia, and the 10k as R2D2, but for this event I really wanted to embrace my dark side. My solution? Darth Minnie. She is the character I was looking for.

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The more I have learned about this event, the better it sounds. Unlike half marathons at the Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World runDisney events take place 100% on Disney property. The course will take me through three parks: Disney Animal Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studio and Epcot. I can’t wait to run around World Showcase.

Photo Credit: runDisney

So here is how this is all going to go down. This Friday, after work, I’m flying from San Diego, CA to Orlando, FL on a red eye flight. I’m travelling with a friend who kindly offered to share her hotel room with me. (Yep, she’s the one who got me into this in the first place. I should probably thank her!) We hightail it to the Expo to pick up our gear. We’ll have a little time to relax and check out the new Planet Hollywood Observatory for dinner. Sunday morning, long before the crack of dawn, the race begins. After crossing the finish line, I have a few more hours to enjoy Walt Disney World and then I fly home. I’m not even missing a day of work. I should probably be really stressed out about this trip, but overall, I’m excited. Sometimes you just have to say yes when adventure comes calling.

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