Finding Hidden Mickeys!

Hey Disney fans!! We all know that Walt Disney World and Disneyland are filled with hidden Mickey’s. There are many guide books providing pictures and detailed instructions on where and how to find them. You can spend hours searching for them throughout the parks and hotels. But there are also hidden Mickey’s in our everyday lives that are just as much fun to find!

I get so excited when I find a hidden Mickey when I am out and about. I want to share it with anyone and everyone around me. I need to remind myself that in most cases the general population either doesn’t care (lol) or has no idea what I’m talking about! But we Disney fans do! It’s so much fun to find them because they are so unexpected!

When I do find or see one, I like to think of them as little reminders of my happy place…. or as a sign from Mickey himself to book another trip!!

I’ve taken and shared so many pictures of hidden Mickey’s over the years in my own everyday life, I now have my own family and friends pointing them out or sending me pictures when they find them.

Even my house has so many hidden Mickey’s that were unintentional when decorating. Still, to this day, I walk around finding them in pictures on my walls, shower curtains, rugs, etc. Most of my friends and family think it’s done on purpose, but in many cases, it’s really not!

Ever go out to dinner to your favorite restaurant and as the waiter or waitress puts down your order, you yell “hidden Mickey!” The phone comes out and you immediately start taking pictures to capture and share the moment with all of your Disney friends.

Finding hidden Mickey’s is so much fun! Keeping Disney a part of my everyday life is what keeps the magic alive for me when I’m not “home”.  And finding these special, unique hidden Mickey’s is a great way to do that.

Have you found your own hidden Mickey’s when you are not visiting your favorite place on earth? Comment below and let me know!

Marnie Raimondo – a Disney fanatic to infinity and beyond!

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