Help – I’m Going to WDW on Weight Watchers

So, DH and I are going to Walt Disney World next month for our 25th Wedding Anniversary and I am worried about my Weight Watchers Diet.  Yikes – at first I think this sounds like no fun.  But, if you look around Walt Disney World now there are many “healthy” options for people and am I going to have dessert – yes it’s my favorite part of the meal – and yes I can have my glass of wine.   I think with planning I can still be successful with at least maintaining my weight while I’m there – I will walk about 10 miles a day which helps and if I do a morning run a couple days in the 5 days I could have extra points.

I am going to start with my first day to show you how I could be successful.  Then I will share my other Trip Plans and ADRs.

Arrival day –  We leave Boston around 2pm so I will make sure that I have a smoothie for breakfast (4pts) and a salad with chicken at home (4pts) so that I don’t grab the Southwest snacks – tempting though but I am saving my calories for a much better place.  I will get water on the plane which I normally do anyway – I’m not a big soda drinker.    We get to WDW around 5pm and we are going to rent a car – so we plan to stop at Publix and get a few supplies.  Smoothie ingredients and bagels and cream cheese for DH.   Maybe a bottle wine and beer for DH.

My Smoothie Recipe:     Kefir (lowfat drinkable yoghurt), Mixed Frozen berries, kale or spinach and a banana.  It really is delicious.  You can play around with your version.  Its about 4 points which is mainly due to the Kefir.   In a DVC room you can ask for a blender if it isn’t already in your room.

 1st Dinner  Then we will check in to OKW around 6p and head over to Disney Springs for an ADR at Paddlefish.    Now while looking at the menu – it does have a lot of fried stuff but I can still have some fun things.  The last time I was there I had the Ahi Poke and it was phenomenal for an appetizer (I know not everyone likes raw fish).  On the WW app it is 1-5 points.  It probably closer to the 5 because of the avocado in it but it has radish and pickles which are no points.  I also like raw oysters and 4oz of those are 2 points.  The Salad is no points except for the dressing so I will ask for the fat free on the side which is 1pt.

For my entree I was looking at the Lobster Risotto – the Risotto is 15 points for one cup – way too much so if I have about a quarter of a cup it will be about 4 points.  The lobster itself is probably cooked in butter so I am estimating about 6 points for this which is about the same as a lobster roll in the WW app.  My main entree will be about 10 points which is a lot.  I have to be sure I really follow the portion size.  This will be the key for me.

Now you all know me.  I will have a glass of wine at dinner that’s  4 points.   So far my Total for first Day 26 points.  I still have 4 points – I will have not walked enough to add extra points yet for that day.    I think we will walk over to Vivoli Gelateria and tonight I will get a Sorbet – its 5 points for 1/2 cup.  I will be one point into my weekly extra points but I still have 20 remaining and will get extras for my run.  Maybe the food will motivate me to run every morning ;).

So, I have outlined my first day and with a little planning and looking at the menus maybe the night before I can stay within my points and still have a lot of fun.  Each of the parks now have carts that carry fruit and vegetable snacks that I can grab to satisfy myself – and fruit and vegetables are no points.  I actually feel better physically and mentally if I follow my points.  I can still have my dole whips and Zebra domes as long as I plan them in.  I can still have a margarita at La Cava – but be careful a classic one without ice is 17 points per the App and Blood Orange-Watermelon one is 4.   I will have to really watch my portion size more than anything because everything at WDW is PLUSED. 😉  And I will have to make sure I log things in – that has really helps me remember if I am over doing it.

1st Day – AK Rope Drop – can’t wait for Pandora   Breakfast:  Smoothie.  Lunch:  Have an ADR for Sanaa which has many healthy options and vegetarian options but we may try out the new Canteen – I will have to stay away from the Buns.  😉   Dinner: at Tiffins for ROL.  Many healthy options there.  Had the mussels last time which were awesome – approximately 7 points with the butter I’m guessing.  Will have a salad, and another fish entree with a glass of wine and Yes I am having dessert tonight.

2nd Day – MK Rope Drop – Breakfast: Smoothie  Lunch: No plan – may leave for a Monorail resort Dinner: Jiko – I may save a lot of points for that Filet Mignon and dessert here which I love.

3rd Day – Epcot Day – Breakfast: Have you read my blog or seen me on twitter (@jlmomrn)- France of course – Quiche and Mimosa – lots points – Lunch: Salad somewhere Dinner: Spice Road Table – Hummus Fries – I’m sure lots points but I will take off the buns for the Lamb sliders and those are about 7 points.  Wine of course.

4th Day – DHS –  Breakfast: Smoothie  Lunch: Hollywood Brown Derby Cafe  Dinner: Citricos – we ate here for our 20th and I’m sure this day will be my extra point day – they completely spoiled us last anniversary.

5th Day and Home Day (Boo) – we have a late flight out and we are planning to go to WL and explore Geiser Point and hit any more rides/attractions we didn’t get to or want to do more of.

Again, if I watch my portions, grab vegetables or fruit in between, do a few early morning runs and log my food,  I think I can be successful.  I am not so scared after I sat down to write this.  I will let you know.












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