I Want Candy!

I love candy. I mean it doesn’t really matter where I am, or what time it is-I just love candy.

That is why even though there are all kind of places in Disney Springs that sell baked goods and sweet treats my favorite is the one devoted to candy!

The name and sign says it all!

One of the most popular items are candy coated apples. There are so many choices. These are not your typical candy apples that you probably got when you were little for Halloween, and had to risk losing a tooth if you actually took a bite.

But these apples are decorated with the best chocolate and candy, and are designed as Disney characters.

If the thought of biting into any of these intimidates just ask to have them sliced up. And added bonus is they place it in a plastic takeaway container so you don’t feel like you need to eat it all at once. Of course you just may-they are so delicious.

Like rice krispy treats? I know many of my friends like to bring huge ones back for family and friends!

My favorite treat though is a cake pop. I just LOVE cake pops. Like candy-I have yet to meet a cake pop I did not like. However like candy, in Disney a cake pop tastes even better. These are my current favorite!

Next time in Disney Springs make sure you stop off at the Best. Candy. Store. Ever!


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