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Greetings fellow Disney fans! Spring is here and in full bloom, which means Spring cleaning! In my case in means cleaning and moving into my new house. What I enjoy about transitions of seasons or environments is how it can be the perfect time to create or try something new. As I’ve been packing and consolidating I came to the conclusion that my Disney collection on display is not even half of what I own (I’ve got a problem). This made me think about creative ways to start displaying and using some of the merchandise I had to have on my trip only to find it collecting dust a bit later. So read along to find some of my ideas about rotating Disney items and home decor.

Resolution 1
Coffee mugs: Okay I know I am not alone on this one. You know the story…you tell yourself no more mugs. The cabinet is overflowing and has no room to spare, but then you arrive at Walt Disney World and find they’ve created a new mug for your favorite Disney character. Verdict? You come home with another mug or 3. In my new home cabinet space is a hot commodity and I will definitely not have enough space for all my mugs so I’ve decided to rotate them out during the year. This may take some effort, but then those mugs I can’t seem to part with all get a chance to be useful.

Resolution 2
Old Calendars: So as a kid I would get those 365 days of Disney calendars and proceed to stick them to my wall. I loved how each one was a different character or movie and let’s be honest provided quite the wallpaper for my bedroom (sorry Mom and Dad for the remnants of tape and pins marks left behind). As I’ve gotten older and realized that walls of calendar pages aren’t necessarily appropriate decor I found Disney started producing monthly calendars with attraction posters and movies. Of course I bought one and now have all of these posters sitting on a shelf. Observing the amount of walls I have to decorate/make my own in my new house I finally found a place for some of these posters.  Plans to frame and change out these posters not only let my love of Disney show through, but also allow for switching the look of the room with the changing of posters every so often.

I’ve also thought about framing some of my photo edits for home decor. Some of the photos captured at Disney are just as spectacular as some of the best background photos I’ve seen for sale at stores. (Instagram account: @Disneydiamondz)

Resolution 3
Clothing: I know I have more clothes than one individual should possess, but when looking at just how many are Disney related it borders obsessive. I’m pretty sure I’ve been dubbed the, “Disney girl” at dance class, just based off of the shirts I walk into class wearing. We are talking people asking me for trip planning advice based solely on my apparel. 🙂 While I’ve definitely downsized and donated some shirts to others I still have quite a few making the move with me. This has led me to think about rotating shirts as well like one does with Winter and Summer clothes. Granted many of my shirts are tees, but they all get used none the less. Putting some shirts in storage allows more room for shall we say work attire?

So there you have three of my resolutions for the Spring and the move. What do all of you tend to do with souvenirs? Do they all get used? Or are you like me in forgetting some of them even exist? Feel free to comment below and as always thanks for reading!

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