Learning While At Walt Disney World?!

Hi my friends! I hope you are enjoying summer so far!!! During summertime, I always try to keep Princess Kayla’s brain working by engaging her in Mommy School! We will do some work at the library practicing math and reading and the like. We also take trips to museums and nature preserves to learn and engage more hands on activities. I am always teaching her what I can and I love to see her curiosity! 

Usually on our Walt Disney World vacations we try to add in some unexpected learning opportunities! I have some recommendations I’d like to share for your next visit!

The Seas With Nemo and Friends, Epcot

We enjoy this Pavilion so much. It’s basically a HUGE aquarium with an attraction inside, lol. I have loved this place since I was small! There are so many different species of marine life to see and learn about! There are CMs there will teach you about skeletons & fossils of marine animals, diving demonstrations are performed, and you may even catch a training session in progress of the dolphins or manatees! Take time to explore all the levels, there is a lot of fun and information! I recommend spending at least 1 – 2 hours here, more if you have children who are passionate about animals!

World Showcase, Epcot

I LOVE this half of Epcot! You can travel around the world in a day and learn about so many different cultures! Kayla has been to WDW 6 times now and we still haven’t seen every Pavilion. I do like to enjoy spending time focusing on 1 or 2 every trip, exploring that Country – sampling the food offerings, talking to CMs and learning more from those who have lived there. Watching the movies or riding the attraction featured. At the KidCot stations, the CMs can write a greeting or your name in the native language or draw the flag of that country. In all my years of visiting WDW, can you believe I still haven’t truly explored Moracco or the UK Pavilions? There is so much to be discovered, I recommend spending at least 1 hour or more in each Country. I also would suggest a scavenger hunt of sorts if you want try to explore all of them in one visit. Come up with something to find in each Country and take a picture of it or but a Passport from one of the Gift Shops and have it stamped in every Country. 

Disney Hollywood Studios , Disney Hollywood Studios

If you are anything like me, and love to learn about the movies and theater…this is a great place to learn. Uhm..well, it used to be, lol. It still is in many ways. You can follow your imagination into the farthest galaxies, into the 1930’s, or even New York! While enjoying attractions and characters from Star Wars, The Twilight Zone, or The Muppets – you can also marvel at what it takes to create these amazing movies and characters! So many people are needed to create something amazing…from actors and performers who need a passion for the arts and entertaining, to the technical crew responsible for lighting and sound, to the directors and producers who all make it come together. I miss the days when you actually learned about movie-making and got to be a part of the attractions! If you take the time though, you can still find much to learn.

Tri-Circle Ranch at Fort Wilderness , Fort Wilderness Campground

There is so much you can learn here! This is an overlooked location, often because not many other than those staying at FW explore the area! Located near Hoop-De-Doo and Trails End, you find the stables where the horses are kept! There are riding lessons offered and a chance to observe the horses grazing during the day. Inside the stables you will find a wealth of information about the history of horses at Walt Disney World, memorabilia and the calopie used at Disneyland in the 1950s’!

We always have fun and magical moments during our Walt Disney World vacations, but I always try to sneak in the learning…all while having fun! I believe it’s referred to as Edu-tainment!

I hope you have a great time on your next WDW vacation, and don’t forget to learn something too!

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Have a magical week!!!!!

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