The Language of Pandora–World of Avatar

Kaltxi! WDW Fan Zone is your Automagic FastPass to the Utilidors of Disney knowledge. We hope our Guests find us to be a Fantasmic Innovention and will refer to us often as an E-Ticket Attraction.

Pandora World of Avatar

The world of Walt Disney entertainment is so unique it requires its own language. Some words originated directly from Walt and his Imagineers like, well, Imagineer! Others, it seems, are words that have grown into their own Disneyness and have acquired new meanings along the way.

If you have visited a Disney resort or theme park even one time, you’ve likely heard a few of these Disney-isms:
Attraction = any theme park ride or show
Audio-Animatronics = realistic robotics that bring 3-D effect to an Attraction
Automagic = play on the word automatic; the Disney way of making things magically happen
Epcot = from EPCOT, Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow
E-Ticket = the newest, best, most popular Attractions; stems from former system of ride coupons ranking rides A-E by popularity
Fantasmic = lights, lasers, fireworks, and waterworks show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
FastPass = a reserved time slot for Guests to return to a busy Attraction without waiting in long lines
Guest = visitor to a Disney resort or theme park
Imagineer = employee of Walt Disney Imagineering (formerly Walter Elias Disney, WED Enterprises); combination of imagine + engineer; scientists and artists who design the Disney parks and Attractions
Innovention = innovation + invention; a way of introducing new technology and ideas
Plussing = constantly striving to improve a project even when it is considered complete
Utilidors = utility + corridors; the underground tunnels at Magic Kingdom Park that provide access for maintenance, Cast Members, readying, etc.

Pandora World of Avatar

The recent opening of Pandora—World of Avatar at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Park has introduced visitors to a whole new world of language and culture, literally! This other-worldly land shares some similarities with Earth, but its environment and its inhabitants bring with them a full glossary of new terms.

Guests show the alien hosts of Pandora, the Na’vi, great respect by knowing how to communicate with them and by expressing interest in their way of life. If you’re planning to trek the 4 million light years across the universe with an ACE—Alpha Centauri Expedition, you may want to brush up on some of these common Na’vi terms:
Avatar = a human visitor to Pandora who has taken on the form of a Na’vi native
Banshee (called Ikran by the Na’vi) = a flying, pterodactyl-like predator that can be ridden by Na’vi or Avatars who have bonded with them
Eywa ngahu = a parting phrase meaning, “Eywa be with you,” or good-bye
Irayo = thank you
Kaltxi = hello
Na’vi = native peoples of the planet Pandora and gracious hosts of the new World of Avatar land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park
Pandora = an alien planet with many characteristics similar to those of Earth, but that are “plussed”
Panopyra = a plant that captures water and minerals from dew and fog, whose liquid is used for healing
Pongu pongu = party party!
Puffball tree = Pandoran plant that purifies the atmosphere. Its leaves are also harvested for salt.
Rutxe = please
Viperwolf = a canine-like pack hunter with six legs and opposable thumbs

During your visit to Pandora, rutxe greet your Flights of Passage personnel with a kind kaltxi before being matched to your banshee for the ride of your life! And when you gently drift along the Na’vi River Journey, be on the lookout for the viperwolf and enjoy the melody of the Shaman of Songs, an Audio-Animatronic so lifelike my daughter thought it was a live Na’vi!

Pandora Na'vi Shaman of Songs

You’ll want to pongu pongu at Pongu Pongu and enjoy a refreshing beverage, or if you need more substance, stop next door at the quick service Satu’li Canteen for a sampling of delicious Na’vi dining. Here you can get your fill of breakfast (morning only), lunch, or dinner items, like breakfast egg pods, cheeseburger in bao buns, protein bowls, desserts, and more. Before you return to Earth, pick up souvenirs at nearby Windtraders, a Pandora nature-based shop where you can purchase Na’vi relics and science kits and get matched with your very own “pet” banshee.

We hope this overview has prepared you well for your journey and that your next trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth (and beyond) will be plussed by your new knowledge of the language of Pandora. Irayo for being our Guest today, and eywa ngahu!

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