Vacation at Disney during summer months and others

Hello All!  I was thinking with the summer months coming, I know a lot of families can only vacation during the summer months as their children and schooling makes that the best time.  Be sure to do your research on the weeks to go.  Around Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day those are very busy times.  If you can avoid and don’t need to see the 4th of July fireworks, I would go the week before or after.  Check to see if there are any room deals for the summer months. Those are normally great deals.

Then think a head to if you would like to have the dining plan or get gift cards for food.  If your young ones love characters and you are planning on taking them to breakfast or dinner a day then a dining plan may be the way to go for you.  I can honestly say that we have gotten the dining plan and have saved money with enjoying the character dining.  Always even with out the summer months be sure to book your most favorite or a new restaurant in advance if you can’t miss it.  As walk ups can be very hard to get a table service at times.  You may get one on off hours, say later breakfast or early lunch or dinner. We on this last few trips had stopped at store for water, then we had water delivered this last time via Amazon. We drink a ton of water on a normal bases so this helped us with cost.  If you have a Disney Vacation Club or Annual Pass they have special offers as well. 

You also want to think about how much of a budget for yourself and young ones.  When we knew we were going to Disney we asked our family if they could get Alicia my daughter (also a writer for the Zone) gift cards for purchasing her own souvenirs.  With saying that, this will be their money to get what ever they want with in reason as the money isn’t endless.  It worked great for us and my family when we visited.  Then if we bought something extra it wasn’t to taxing on our budget for her, which of course did and still do, lol.

I have started packing on the advise of my daughter,  moleskin for blisters. It is a great help when even those broken in shoes give you blisters.  If you don’t have travel scissors with you the Disney CM at the concierge with help you out with letting you borrow some for a short time.  I also have bandaids and antibacterial ointment just in case.  I make sure to pack my vitamins and meds, you can get the simple Tylenol and cold meds in most of the stores.  I have heard there are Epi Pens available at Disney now as well, but if you have a prescription please bring it with you.

I hope this information helps you with your next Disney vacation.

Until next time have a Magical Day.

Pretty Princess Darlene Nagi

Darlene Nagi is a wife to Keith, momma to a beautiful daughter Alicia. a mother in law to a handsome son in law Mike. And a momma to 2 adorable doxies Chip & Cogsworth. She loves everything Disney. Loves to help friends and family plan their Disney vacations and help with other vacations that she knows the locations. I love to cook, exercise, read, sew, decorate, garden. Family & friends mean the world to me.

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Darlene Nagi

I am a Disney fan, I love all things Disney. My pets have all been named after Disney characters, my hubby even named 2. Examples are our mini doxies Chip & Cogsworth. My hubby & daughter are my pride & joy! I love to read, take photo's, scrapbook, exercise, walk by puppies, garden, watch or go to the movies & travel especially to Disney. I am enjoying my time writing for WDW Fan Zone! I co-host the Tiara Talk Show Podcast when I am not working if the schedule permits.

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