5 Tips to be Invited into a Disney Parade or Dance Party

Want to be part of the action during a Disney Parade or Dance Party? Here are 5 things you can do to help you get noticed!

Disney parades dancing with Donald Duck

One thing the Disney Parks are known for is their spectacular parades! Whether you are visiting Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, or one of the international Disney Resorts, you are sure to have a magical experience at a Disney parade.

Each parade is a unique experience scheduled at certain times throughout the day, with ornate, larger-than-life floats, dancers in vivid costumes, and many favorite Characters on display. The current Festival of Fantasy Parade at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park is currently my favorite. I especially love the TANGLED float featuring Flynn Rider and the thugs, and I am completely enthralled by the fire-breathing steampunk Maleficent dragon!

Disney parades Festival of Fantasy dragon

Parades aren’t the only daytime entertainment on the “streets” of Magic Kingdom and other Parks. Occasionally dance parties occur, too, like the Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! Street Party also at Magic Kingdom. It’s sort of a mini-parade that parks on the hub and gets everyone in a playful spirit with upbeat song and dance.

Disney parades dancing with Donald Duck

Some parades are more elaborate than others, and some are the prelude to a dance party. Either way, they’re fun to watch and even more fun to participate in. Sometimes performers will select a Guest from the crowd to join in the fun. It’s pretty random, but we have found that these five tips below may help get you or your child noticed and pulled into the action!

  1. Arrive to the viewing area early and grab a close-up curbside spot. We’ve had good luck around the hub or along Main Street, USA, on the Emporium side of the street.
  2. Dress in fun, bright colors and/or Disney-bounding attire so you are more noticeable and stand out from Guests around you.
  3. Be energetic. Dance, wave your hands in the air, sing along with the songs, smile, and wave to the Characters with big motions.
  4. Wear a celebration pin! Is it your birthday? Anniversary? First Visit? Stop by Guest Relations or ask a Cast Member in merchandising for a celebration pin—and wear it! Cast Members watch for them, so they can help make your special visit all the more memorable.
  5. Be genuinely happy! Don’t ask or tell performers to pick you. Just be yourself having a great time at the Most Magical—or at the Happiest—Place on Earth!

Have you ever been pulled into a Disney Parade or Dance Party? Do you have any tips to add? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!


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