Disney in NYC!

New York City-it has it all-even the magic of Disney!

Times Square is the place to find all the Disney Magic-from shows to shopping to art on the street.

There is no mistaking when you walk into the Disney Store that you are in New York.

These ears say it all-one can declare their love for Disney and NY. Funny I have not seen anyone wearing these ears around NYC. I have been looking.

You may go to Disney World multiple times a year, but unless you visit the NYC store there are some items you will not be getting:


Besides shopping you can see a Disney Broadway show. Both Aladdin and The Lion King are currently playing. If you love Disney I would absolutely suggest taking in at least one of them.

In Spring 2018 Frozen will be on Broadway-that is a show everyone will be wanting to see!

You can also find Disney art on the street. While not NYC themed, it still could be a nice souvenir from NYC.

The next time you plan a trip to NYC definitely know you can still have Disney magic be part of your vacation.

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