How To Avoid Disney World Vacation Meltdowns

This summer Walt Disney World parks will be packed with guests, many of them families with school age children. Some will be visiting Walt Disney World for the very first time and others will be returning to capture more magic on their favorite attractions and to experience new adventures.

For many families it is important to be able to experience as much of the parks as possible during their Walt Disney World vacation. Their mission is to conquer all the attractions between sunrise and nightfall. They sacrifice their physical and mental well being for the sake of doing it all. Parents will push their kids beyond their limits and when the kids get cranky and have tantrums the parents aren’t happy. But, what happens when mommy and daddy get cranky and have a tantrum? Nobody is happy!

There are ways to avoid the Disney park meltdowns so you can have the most magical vacation of your lives.

Here are some do’s and don’ts.

The don’ts:

  • Don’t try to do everything! Disney World is way too big with too much to do on a family vacation unless the length of your stay is over a couple of months.
  • Don’t show up at the parks without a plan and expect to see and do everything.
  • Don’t spend the entire day in the parks.
  • Don’t make promises to your kids that are out of your control to keep.

The do’s:

  • Do research and plan out your days in the Disney parks well in advance of your vacation.
  • Do have a plan B, C, and D. Sometimes the best laid plans can go wrong. Be prepared for unexpected situations. For example, an attraction may have a much longer than anticipated wait time.
  • Do use Fastpass+ for attractions known to have really long wait times.
  • Do plan out meals and make advance dining reservations (ADRs).
  • Do leave the parks midday to avoid the most crowded part of the day and hottest temperatures.
  • Do spend time away from the parks relaxing at your resort grounds, pool, or room.
  • Do return to the parks for or after dinner.

A vacation to Walt Disney World can be both mentally and physically exhausting but, it doesn’t have to be. Take the stress out of your trip by following the do’s and don’ts and you will find that you have the energy to do more in the time you have on your Disney World vacation.

Stuart Sternberg is the founder of WDW Fan Zone  and host of  the WDW Fan Zone BlogCast. You can find him on Google +, Facebook,  and follow him on Twitter @wdwfanzonestu

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