Snack and Snooze Breaks Around WDW

Greetings my fellow Disney fans!

We are into the full swing of summer and vacations galore, which always makes me realize how hot and exhausting vacations can actually be in some areas. When it comes to Walt Disney World (WDW) the summer heat can be unbearable at times and it is always a good call to take some breaks in the parks to regain energy and decrease chances of meltdowns among family members. This made me think about places that I tend to take my own breaks around the parks with a snack I have purchased or brought along with me to save some time and money. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites in each park that allow for a break without leaving the park and having to return later in the day.

Magic Kingdom:

  1. Tom Sawyer Island: I am pretty sure that this is always on my list for relaxing in the Magic Kingdom. While the ride over on the raft can be a little claustrophobic the views of the park and shady places to sit are numerous on the island. One of my personal favorites is an area that looks over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Here you can find some rocking chairs and crates to relax on and take in the views of riders on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as well as the train as it crosses over the back of the park.
  2. Liberty Square: Right next to the entrance to The Hall of Presidents is a small porch with rocking chairs. I love sitting here and people watching during the day. Plus who can resist all of the amazing snacks/treats right around the corner at Sleepy Hollow (dreaming of the ice cream sandwich now).
  3. Main Street Train Station: Nothing beats the view as you walk up the stairs to the train station on Main Street and look out to see Cinderella Castle and the shops along Main Street. This is a great place to sit in the shade during the day at the Magic Kingdom and the sound of the train pulling into the station is pretty awesome too. Also as a side note the inside of the station also offers seating and provides some relief from the heat. The windows here also still allow for a view of the park.


  1. United Kingdom Gardens: Walking past the shops in the UK you come to an open area with benches and pretty greenery. At times you can find a group performing popular songs from British artists in this area, but it can be a nice quiet area when this group is not center stage. It can be a nice escape from the crowds to come back here and enjoy a snack and rest.
  2. Hallway behind Club Cool and Starbucks: This one is one of my favorites due to the sheer amount of ice cold air that hits you as the doors open. In the hallway you will find some benches and a cool timeline of Epcot. It also boasts a lesser known restroom, which can be a perfect way to avoid lines. While enjoying a snack here you can also recharge your phone, which is always a bonus.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

  1. Echo Lake: I may be partial to Gertie the Dinosaur located in this body of water, but I find that this can be a hidden gem in regards to relaxing and getting some much needed shade. This area has several benches and walls to sit on and offers some shade via the palm trees during the day. It also offers some pretty cool angles for pictures if you are into that.
  2. Starring Rolls: I know that this is a popular area to grab some breakfast items at the park, or sandwiches but this is also a great shady place to prop up your feet during the day. I love that the tables all have umbrellas and that in sits lower so the trees tend to provide a good amount of shade.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  1. The Exit of Dinosaur: So as you are leaving this attraction make a right and follow the path to several options for relaxing. I enjoy sitting on the benches right outside of the attraction because they provide a good amount of shade and a water fountain. If you wander a little further down the path you come to my second favorite dinosaur on property and some pretty cool dinosaur benches. Options are endless here, but do what you feel is best for your needs.
  2. Harambe Village: There are several options in this area of Africa as well, but I enjoy finding a seat or bench off the beaten path to relax and have a snack. With the addition of all of the food options here tables can be found easily at times of day that are not meal focused. I also enjoy sitting along the walls in the village to listen to the performers next to the Tusker House.

So those are just a few of my favorite spots to stop and take a break from park touring. What about you? Do you have a favorite option that I did not mention above? Feel free to comment below!

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