Memories of Disney Hollywood Studios olden days…

Hi my friends!

Recently it was announced at d23 that there were some changes coming to Disney Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. One of the biggest announcements that shocked many Disney fans was that The Great Movie Ride would be changing to a Mickey Mouse themed ride.

I remember the original MGM Studios when it opened in 1989.. and I remember even as a young teenager that my favorite attraction to do when we visited the Park. I love movies and especially all the older, classic ones featured in the attraction. I loved how you went into the movies. I loved the interaction of the CMs who were your tour guides. I remember wanting to have that job when I dreamed of working for Disney during my high school theatre days.  I loved seeing all of the memorabilia as you waited in the queue line. Dorthy’s ruby slippers from Wizard of Oz and the Carosoul horse from Mary Poppins were always my favorite to look at.

I know that Walt aways wanted the Parks to keep changing and growing. It’s just kinda sad to see the Park that used to be all about movies and seeing how they were made turning into a tribute to some of the famous films and characters in the Disney/Pixar/Star Wars universe. I miss the old days of learning how the movies were made, what went into learning to animate, and being a part of the action.

I am glad that I have my memories of what used to be at DHS, although I do look forward to what is to come in the future.



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