The end of the World (WDW) as we know it…


Greetings fellow Disney fans! With all the exciting news from the D23 Expo it can be bittersweet for Disney fans learning about what will go away to make room for the future. I know many people have turned to social media to share their sadness about Universe of Energy and The Great Movie Ride closing August 13th. I too find this news disheartening because I will not get a chance to say my goodbyes in person. While excited to see all the new experiences Disney is creating, the end of an attraction’s life can bring up memories of other attractions that have been dismantled and are missed dearly by fans. I thought I’d share my top three attractions that are no longer with us.

1. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride: This attraction was located in Fantasyland and had two different tracks. It was a classic dark ride and as a kid I loved that I was able to, “steer” our car through the ride. I enjoyed this attraction because it felt like classic Disney and it was something everyone in the family could enjoy. This attraction also had some pretty neat effects for its time (my favorite was the train).

2. The Skyway: This cable car system allowed guests to view Fantasyland to Tomorrowland from above. It was a great way to beat the crowds and gave you a wonderful view of Cinderella Castle, the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea lagoon and Space Mountain. I’ve always liked different modes of transportation and this is one I wish was still around.

3. Journey Into Imagination/Imageworks: This pavilion is probably what I most associate with WDW vacations as a child. The original attraction with Figment and the Dreamfinder offered a catchy song and some cool rooms including my favorite, the art room with a carousel made of paper animals. Not only was this attraction a favorite, but afterwards heading upstairs to the Imageworks provided countless hours of fun with the light tunnel, painting on computer screens and pin tables you could put your whole arm under to create an impression above.

So what about you? I know I have a few other attractions that aren’t on my list, but that I still miss when visiting the parks. Feel free to comment below!

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