Feeling HOME at Disney!

Hi my friends! I am LIVE from Walt Disney World this week! I am soo excited to be HOME!

I know many Disney fans call The Wallt Disney World Resort “HOME”!  If you understand why…then you get it! So many people do not understand why though and it’s sometimes hard to explain to those people.


  • I feel like my true self at Walt Disney World. I can smile and be happy and enjoy the silliest things. I feel most content while at WDW.


  • It’s comfortable. I can sit anywhere in the Parks and not do anything but people watch or just take in the ambience. It’s relaxing to me to just be in the Parks.


  • I know my way around property! I love knowing my way through the Theme Parks without a map. I also enjoy being able to drive throughout property without getting lost (well, maybe just one time, lol)


  • I love knowing secrets about attractions and theming. Being able to share that with friends and family is so neat too!


  • I feel at peace when I am at Disney. I could even just sit around my Resort or at one of the Parks and literally not do anything but relax and I feel such a sense of contentment and relaxation.


Do you consider WDW or any Of the other Disney Parks “HOME”? Share below in the comments or on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

Have a magical week my friends!


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