One Day of Disney Magic…Complete!

I am here to tell you that my family and I survived one day at the Magic Kingdom. And when I say one day, I mean one entire day, from 7:30am until 10pm. Did I mention we didn’t leave the park at all? Oh, and don’t forget to toss in the 2 year old too! Honestly though, our family had such a great day. It really couldn’t have gone any better, other than the 95 degree heat! My 2 year old daughter even made it through most of the day with minimal meltdowns. I may have come close to a meltdown once or twice (summer Florida heat + opinionated toddler = not so happy mom), but I survived. I mean, how can you not enjoy yourself when you’re at the “happiest place on earth”?!

We started our morning at the Polynesian Resort for some breakfast. This not only got breakfast taken care of, but since we were driving in from Cocoa Beach for the day, it also got us some awesome (free) parking for the day! Kona Cafe did not disappoint! My husband and I got their famous Tonga Toast, and it was a carb loaded dream.  After breakfast it was off to the monorail. Disney has changed up their security process now, which was a surprise for us. Your bags are now checked before boarding the monorail and arriving at the Magic Kingdom instead of having them checked at the front gates. You also walk through a metal detector as well. In my opinion, this approach seemed to run much more smoothly. The gates at the Magic Kingdom are busy enough, and the new security check points would always be quite backed up and chaotic. It’s also nice to know that the people boarding the monorail have been screened through security.

Once inside the park, we began our day! My daughter was so excited to be there. Our plan of attack that day was to start in Fantasyland and make our way around through the different ‘lands’. We also had my in-laws with us, and my father-in-law has really bad knees, so we needed to minimize the amount of walking for the day. Here’s what we were able to accomplish in just one day at the Magic Kingdom:


1. It’s a small world

2. Dumbo

3. Mad Tea Party

4. Carrousel (2x)

5. Under the Sea

Liberty Square

6. Haunted Mansion


7. Space Mountain

8. Tomorrowland Speedway (3x)


9. Jungle Cruise

10. Magic Carpets of Aladdin

11. Pirates of the Caribbean

12. Swiss Family Treehouse

13. Enchanted Tiki Room

Main Street, U.S.A.

14. Walt Disney World Railroad

So, as you can see, we accomplished quite a lot! Including the multiple times we rode the Carrousel and the Speedway, we busted out 17 attractions in one day!

We also stopped for lunch at Pecos Bill, where my daughter was able to catch a small nap in my arms. The break in the air conditioning was nice for all of us! We also squeezed in Dole Whips and had dinner at Casey’s Hot Dogs. We closed out the day with watching the evening fireworks. It was nice to see the new show! Sadly, my daughter fell asleep right as it was starting, but I couldn’t blame her. She had quite the busy day.

The most memorable part of our day was my daughter riding the Speedway cars. She is obsessed with Lightening McQueen and cars right now, so she was so excited to ride this! The girl has more Hotwheels and Matchbox cars then you can imagine! So seeing her face light up when she finally got to ride “Lightening McQueen” was priceless. And since we all had fast passes for it, she got to ride it 3 times in a row! She was in heaven!

Just look at that smile!!

I’m so glad, and thankful, that we were able to spend a day at Magic Kingdom. So, even if you have just one day to spend at the parks, you can still accomplish a lot! Just make sure to pick your fast passes ahead of time, familiarize yourself with the park maps, and utilize the Fastpass+ kiosks in the park to secure additional fast passes throughout the day. If I can do it with my in-laws and a 2 year old, you can too!! 🙂



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