Poet in the Park…by Cathy Leo

The Poet in the Park surprisingly  is non-other than Walt Disney, himself. We all know how talented he was. We all know how creative he was. We all know that he was a man that wore many hats. But, I didn’t know that he wore the hat of a Great Poet. His creativity went way beyond his imagination. His creativity spanned across the board. One day a long while ago I decided to write a poem about my favorite Disney Character, Cinderella. After I wrote it I put it aside for a few years until just this month when I learned that ” Uncle Walt ”  had a hidden secret. I located some of his poetry. Following is a list of the Titles of his poems.

(Walter Elias Disney  12/5/1901- 12/15/1966) 


“A Magic Kingdom” 

“The Memories in the Characters” 

“A Wish , Dream, A Magic Place “

“Disney World of Course”

The following poem is written by me:


“…………The Castle, The Kingdom”…………

The Castle is waiting

There’s no hesitating

To see what I came here to see.

The Kingdom awaits

I go thru the gates

The park is the thrill that I feel.

I came to enjoy

Like each girl and boy

The magic and to see if it’s real.

Walking down Main Street

The walk that I walk

The crowds there they signal to me.

That there’s no other place

Here on this earth

Or anywhere  I’d rather be.

So I don my blue cape

Magic wand in my hand

And It’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

As  I make my way

To the Castle today

I’ll do what I came here to Do !

Cinderella’s my Fave

She’s all the Rave

My attraction to her is so real.

She’s truly a star

A Beauty by far

The Queen of the Castle I feel!

by Cathy Leo

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