Disney Pajamas

Everyone loves Disney pajamas! With so many characters and movies, the options are endless. I have come to love a certain brand that offers Disney themed pajamas for children. Hanna Andersson is a popular brand that offers a variety of very adorable clothes for boys and girls, toddlers, babies, and adults! While their clothes are a little pricey, the quality is amazing. All of their clothes are made from 100% organic cotton. They’re super soft and last forever. In fact, most of the clothes I buy from them, I buy used online from buy/sell/trade groups. Their Disney themed pajamas are some of the cutest and comfiest pajamas my daughter owns.

I try to stick to gender neutral pajamas so we can use them on our next kid, in case we have a boy. Hanna Andersson does offer more gender specific prints too, like the princesses and Star Wars. Everyone I know that has them loves them. They last through hand me downs to reselling online years later. Their sizing is pretty true to size, in my opinion. I have a very skinny, petite, 2 1/2 year old and she still easily wears their size 80-85, which is equal to 18-24 and 2T. I highly recommend checking them out if you’re looking for some super cute and really comfy Disney pajamas! I wish they made the Disney prints in adult sizes!

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