Less than 3 weeks until Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend

To say I’m unprepared would be a massive understatement! For those who may not recall my runDisney journey – Wine and Dine half is my first ever half marathon. I’ve done some 5ks and a 10k, but this is my first attempt at a half. I was very diciplined with training plans for my 5ks and my 10k. I started out that way for my half. I’m a fan of the Galloway plans on runDisney.com and also use the lolo Galloway half app. Despite my best intentions, I had a major life change during the training for this race – I moved 1000 miles! And besides the 8 miler I missed due to being mid drive on my journey, all the assorted craziness around moving, unpacking, and starting my new job just have me off.

I’m so far off, I still don’t know what I’m WEARING! Can you believe that? Article after article by me talks about costume planning. This time, not sure. I did a test run in my Mermaid Sparkle skirt a few weeks back – and decided if I wear that I want to wear tights under it. I just don’t trust the “doesn’t ride up” guarantee. But I love all the pockets! I have a few different Raw Threads Mermaids tops I could pair with a mermaid skirt. Or I could stick with my Minnie Sparkle Athletic skirt over standard running tights. Slightly less pocket space, but tried and true. Although I’d have to decide what top to wear. But I definitely have options. Plus a super cute Sparkle Athletic Visor to match.

The good news is, my running partners are just as unprepared as I am! So at least we’re in it together. I’m trying to get as many miles on me as I can between now and then. They are mostly walking miles because my knee has been screaming most of the summer. Probably time for me to find a new ortho and see what can be done, if anything. But I’m trying to walk as much as I can, and push myself as hard as I can, between now and then. The day of I suspect I’ll get by more on hope and prayers than my (lack of) training.

I promised myself I’ll do better training for February’s Fairytale Challenge. I haven’t found a gym I like in Illinois – but I did start setting up a home gym. And I’ve got a treadmill on the way for the days I can’t hit the trails outside due to temperatures or ice.

One thing is for sure, with Adriana and fellow WDW Fan Zone columnist Diane at my side, we’ll have fun! And we’ll succeed or fail together, no doubt laughing much of the way.

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