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Trying to get some inspiration on what to write about this week, I started to look through old photos. It may be because I haven’t had dinner yet, but every picture that drew my attention was about food. So today, I’m just going to present a very short pictorial down food memory lane.

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The Master’s Cupcake & The Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake

Citrico’s Tasting of Gelato includes Italian Vanilla Bean, Raspberry and Mocha Espresso

The picture above is of a dessert that is not currently on Citrico’s menu, but was basically creme anglaise with fresh fruit and pastry leaves. Yummy! I sure hope they bring it back since it was absolutely one of my favorite desserts anywhere.

Desserts are certainly a favorite of mine, but here now is a full meal at another of The Grand Floridian’s amazing restaurants; Narcoosee’s, starting with a seasonal salad. Make sure and read the menu when there since items can change. All the seasonal salads we’ve had there have been absolutely incredible.

An amazing seasonal salad. This changes with the seasons, so make sure and read your menu for the current selections.
Grouper – Also not on the current menu, but hopefully coming back too. All their fish is amazing though!
I wanted a smaller mean and asked if I could just order a couple of things ala cart, and of course they accommodated me! Lobster and broccoli rabe. So good!
Another favorite of mine and one I order every time – The Almond Crusted Cheesecake!
My friend Donna was a chocolate nut… she could never get enough of it! This is the Chocolate Torte and she thought it was one of the best chocolate dishes ever

I hope you enjoyed my pictures and are inspired to try one of these amazing restaurants!

Jo Scholl is a long time Walt Disney fan, grateful Disney Vacation Club (DVC) owner, and proud mom to three amazing adult children, one of whom is fellow columnist Shelley Scholl. Jo is also a first time grandma to a new Disney fan, Reese Ann, and her brand new baby brother Camden Joseph! Life is good. Jo also resides with a small black dog named Mickey Mouse!

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