The ” Be Our Guest Theory” by Cathy Leo


Theory: Definition ….A supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, an idea used to account for the situation. WALT DISNEY was a GENIUS! He” had” an idea. He “pursued” the idea. And he “perfected” the idea. I think  there is a theory hidden here somewhere.  I’d  like to say my  theory is based on a very famous Disney song ,”Be Our Guest!” from Beauty and the Beast.  I think there is a theory here to be applied to Walt Disney Practices. Again it’s only my theory. The “Be Our Guest Theory” is a system of ideas to “PERFECT THE ART OF CUSTOMER SERVICE”. When you think of Customer Service you have to think of “excellence”. Every customer looks for excellence when making choices. To be a Guest of Walt Disney World or Disneyland one expects PERFECTION.  And why not! Disney is SYNONAMOUS with PERFECTION. Being a guest of Disney  anywhere on Disney Properties and at any level is something you will never forget or ever experience anywhere else. When the Walt Disney Corporation plans customer satisfaction and digs deep inside the minds of the customer they strive to create a DISNEY EXPERIENCE LIKE NO OTHER.

Being a Guest of Walt Disney Dining generates that feeling of PERFECTION, the perfection that anyone that has been there  has come to  know and love. It’s like no other! It takes an Army, a Rising Army to approach Guest Satisfaction. They don’t take “BE OUR GUEST”  lightly. Always remember ”  The Magic Begins With You”! Walt never forgot and the Disney Corporation will never forget. They make every guest feel special throughout their stay. You must “feel at home” when you arrive there. WELCOME HOME! You’re there to experience the Magic and that’s what they do: Create that Magic just for you. Smiling Faces is what Guests want to see. You will never see a sad or an angry employee? No!!!  That person has already been dismissed. No room for that at The Happiest Place on Earth.

Disney delivers ” World Class Guest Experiences”. And don’t we all ” Love It “! We continue to go back again and again to the place that makes us feel happy and welcome. We’re Disney’s Guest ! “Be our guest! Put our service to the test”. Disney passes that test over and over again. They have the Perfect Formula …. THE BE OUR GUEST THEORY ! Success doesn’t just happen by itself. It has to be worked at and the Disney team is hard at work to give you that. It’s not Magic! It’s a step by step process. Walt Disney had a Big Dream! He knew it had to be Magical and it had to make everyone feel “Welcome” not just one time but every time they visited, that is “THE BE OUR GUEST THEORY ” playing out over and over and then some more.


Customers emotions are very important to make sure they return. If you want them to Be a Guest over and over you have to make them feel welcome so they “want to come back”. The Walt Disney Corporation prides itself on Guest Services. We all know that they are the BEST! That’s why we go back. Anyone that has ever visited or has stayed and has been a guest at any one of the Disney Resorts or Properties returns year after year to experience the Disney “BE OUR GUEST THEORY! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to experience the Be Our Guest Theory! And don’t we all love hearing over and over “WELCOME HOME”!

“You’re Never Too Old To Be Young”


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