Thor : Ragnarok

We’re just a few weeks from the November 2nd premiere of Thor : Ragnarok, and I can’t wait to see the flick!

1988 and 2013 Thor

In the past, I wasn’t a fan of the Marvel Comics character Thor. I tried to read comics about Thor and was consistently bored by them. Years later Marvel produced the Thor 2011 movie and that all changed. Seeing a live action Thor again had…wait did I say again? Oh yeah, back in the late 1980’s the producers of The Incredible Hulk TV series made a Hulk television movie that featured a live action version of Thor played by Eric Kramer. In those days nerds like me were happy to get any live action super heroes. I was ecstatic when I saw Thor on the small screen. While I enjoyed watching the TV movie, Thor had not yet grown on me. It wasn’t until 2011 and Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal of the thunder god that I became a fan of Thor. That brings us to the third Thor film.

Gladiator Hulk

With Thor  : Ragnarok, we’re getting two Avengers for the price of one. Not only do we have Thor, but we’re getting Hulk as well. From the early reviews I’ve heard, the movie is going to be like a buddy movie between Thor and Hulk. As a sideline, Thor : Ragnarok is going to include pieces of a story-line called Planet Hulk. This story has Hulk, who is sent out into space, land on a planet where he is forced to become a gladiator. Hulk has to fight to free himself and the other warriors who are forced to fight as well. The story place out like a comic book version of the Russell Crowe Gladiator movie.  Planet Hulk is one of the most popular Hulk story arcs and would’ve have been an excellent plot for a solo Hulk movie. Although from my understanding, Marvel isn’t able to give us a live action solo Hulk movie due to film rights issues. But Marvel is able to have our mean and green Avenger featured in other movies. Way to go Marvel sneaking this awesome story in.

Without spoiling anything, as seen in the trailers, Thor loses his hammer Mjolnir. So a major part of the story is Thor coming back after hitting “rock bottom” and rediscovering himself. This is interesting as the first Thor film had our blond hero cast out of Asgard and powerless. I’m pretty confident that Thor : Ragnarok won’t be a rehashing of the same story we got in the first film. The trailers also show us what looks to be a “lighter” Thor movie as we get Hemsworth cracking several jokes and sporting a more comedic tone. This is a big departure from the last film Thor : Dark World.

Tom Hiddleston returns as everyone’s favorite jealous and mischievous brother Loki. He brings about the events of the film as he has taken over Asgard and has made a mess of things. This was teased during a post credit scene in the Doctor Strange movie, where we saw Thor and Dr. Strange talking about Thor’s father Odin being missing and how Loki and Thor are looking for him.

Are you ready for Thor : Ragnarok? What part of the film are you most looking forward to? To check out the Thor : Ragnarok trailer, click on this link.

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  • November 13, 2017 at 9:38 AM

    This movie was AMAZING! I was on the Disney Dream for the last 7 nights, and I think I may have seen it 5 times……and loved it just as much each time! Sadly now to wait until its available for digital download….what will I do!


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