Top Kid Picks for Disney World

07I have been really enjoying my time writing for WDW Fan Zone and it is very obvious in my house because my girls have been begging me to write too. So I figured, what the heck! I sat down with my daughters, Mia who is 7 and Addison who is 5, and asked them what they would write about if they got the opportunity. Apparently they have thought long and hard about this because without hesitation they answered together “what kids would like to do in Disney World!” They broke down their experiences in Disney World into four categories – rides, restaurants, attractions (non-ride experiences), and character interaction – with their top three picks for each and why.So for this article, I am going to break it down for you on the top picks according to kids for rides.

My girls love adventure and thrills and are two very brave kids. They were willing to at least try all the rides they were able to ride. From all of those experiences, these are their picks.

Mia’s top three choices for rides in Disney World and why are:
1) Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (Magic Kingdom)- Mia says she loves how fast the ride is and that the carts sway side to side. She wants to let all the kids out there know that swaying the cart is very hard so you need to have an adult help you.
2) Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom)- Mia really enjoys that the ride tells a story, she loves the characters and songs, and of course the ginormous hill at the end!
3)Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom)- She loves the fact that she gets to sit by herself which makes her feel like an adult. The fast twists and turns and that it is in the dark is Mia’s favorite part of the experience! She adds that it can seem very scary but it is a fun adventure!

Addison knew exactly what her favorite rides were. No need to sit and think about it. Here are her picks and why:
1) Star Tours (Hollywood Studios) – Addison absolutely LOVES this ride because it is different [almost] every time you ride and that it feels like you are really moving around in a space ship!
2) Frozen Ever After (EPCOT) – Addison had a hard time finding the words to describe how much she loves this ride and why but ended up saying “IT’S JUST AWESOME!” then added that it looks so real. She really loves all the baby snowmen and Elsa and Anna.
3) Soarin’ (EPCOT) – Addison loves this ride because it feels like you are really flying. She loves seeing all the animals and the smells are so cool. I need to add that as she is saying she loves the animals and smells, she had her eyes closed and the biggest smile on her face. It was the sweetest thing.

In their top three picks, both of my girls’ first choice was actually The Great Movie Ride. I was so surprised by how much my young girls LOVED that ride. That was always the one they talked about and rode over and over again. They both are very sad that the ride is closed but wanted to let everyone know that it was the best. They loved the fact that they felt like they were apart of the movies and all the songs and adventures. If only they got to experience Backlot Tours, right?

Mia and Addison really enjoyed sitting down and being interviewed and we hope you enjoy their input on Disney World rides. Be sure to come back next month for their top choices for attractions!

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