A Hub Grass Thanksgiving


Greetings fellow Disney fans!

So Halloween is over and if you are like me you are trying to eat all that left over candy in moderation. It feels like this time of year is all about being with friends and family and celebrating what really matters. Now I try to live this way on a regular basis, but one of my best friends and I were talking about how we would carry this theme into the Magic Kingdom and, “A Hub Grass Thanksgiving” was born. I think this would be a fun spin on the traditional thanksgiving and the more friends/family the merrier!

We picked the Magic Kingdom for this idea because it has such a family centered theme with attractions and shows for every age. In no particular order we selected some of the food items to be purchased in different lands and brought together for a potluck/family style meal on the hub grass.

Appetizers: Corn Dog Nuggets from Casey’s

Entree: Turkey Legs from Frontierland stand

Sides: Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans from Cosmic Rays

Dessert: Churros from Frontierland, Cinnamon Rolls from Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland, Dole Whips from Adventureland, Ice Cream on Main Street, Rice Krispie Treats from the Confectionery (I think this section can be based on what you favor because desserts and sweet treats can be found around every corner in the Magic Kingdom…or at Walt Disney World in general)

We thought it would be an awesome idea to send different groups of people to different areas to acquire all the treats and have someone find space in the hub grass area for this feast. Once everyone is back together share all the finds as well as what you are thankful for about one another in the happiest place on earth!

So what do you think? Is this something you would try? or have tried while at Walt Disney World with family and friends? I consider it to be the all ages equivalent to Drinking around the World and a little less daunting than visiting all eleven countries of the World Showcase at Epcot. Please feel free to comment below!

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