Disney Arrives on 5th Avenue NYC!

This year those of you who are in the NYC area or traveling to New York for the holidays can experience a Disney first! The Walt Disney Company has partnered with Saks 5th Avenue to celebrate Snow Whites 80th Anniversary!

All 14 Windows are done in a Snow White theme. Most depicting parts of the 1st Disney Studios animated feature film and some on the side streets of 49th and 50th display the most gorgeous disney high fashion couture!

On November 20th I had the opportunity to attend the annual Window unveiling! What a spectacular event it was. The bells of Saint Patrick’s cathedral rang out at 7pm!  5th Ave in front of Saks was closed to traffic while 40 dancers and entertainers direct from Walt Disney World paraded to classic Disney tunes. The event culminated with Sophia Carson of Disney channel fame singing as Snow White and the Prince announced the opening of the windows. Even the 7 Dwarfs were there to celebrate!

Sophia, Snow White and others!

Then the most magical light display played on the facade of Saks! Fireworks rang out and the NYC holiday season was in full swing! You can see the entire show on the Saks 5th Avenue Facebook page.

The Light Show!


I was also privy to the Sophia Carson meet and greet inside the store after the window event! What a great night it was.

Now, the show (minus the fireworks) plays every night and the windows are open all day for you to peruse! I highly suggest to any Disney fan in the area to make a trip into NYC to see this amazing Disney treat! It plays every night from 5-7pm, every ten minutes!

There is a breakfast with Snow White throughout the month of December. The event is held in the Saks cafe! I will be attending it soon, look for a report in my next installment here on the WDW Fanzone!


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