No Love for Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios Entrance

If you follow Disney news, you probably are well aware that Hollywood Studios is undergoing some major construction. Quite a few attractions have closed and are awaiting an update or a new attraction. The Great Movie Ride, American Idol Experience, Backlot Tour, and Lights! Motor! Action! have all closed to accommodate new attractions. With the new Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land coming, some stuff needed to go. While I’m sad these attractions are no longer there, I’m definitely looking forward to the new attractions and areas. But in the meantime, I have to admit that Hollywood Studios is not getting any love, or attention, from me. I’m taking my daughter down in December, and we are not even planning on going to Hollywood Studios. The only ride she is tall enough for is Toy Story Mania, but she’s not old enough to understand how to play. And since my husband will not be with us on this trip (we’re going with friends), it just doesn’t make sense to go there. Our last trip there we only spent one afternoon at Hollywood Studios because of the lack of attractions, and that was before the Great Movie Ride closed. I have to imagine that ticket sales for that park have decreased greatly. There’s just not enough there to spend a whole day. I remember last time, we were able to bust out the three main rides we liked- Tower of Terror, Rock n Roller Coaster with Aerosmith, and Star Tours in just a few hours. We only do Toy Story Mania if we can get a fast pass for it, otherwise we’ve done it enough to not mind missing it.

Right now, Hollywood Studios is not very child friendly. Once Toy Story Land is completed though, that will change. I would rather spend my time (and money) at Magic Kingdom with my daughter where she will get to experience more rides and fun. I’m sad to not be riding Tower of Terror in December, but I’m hoping the wait for these new lands will be worth it! Hollywood Studios was definitely due for some updates!

Have you visited Hollywood Studios recently?
Was it worth visiting?
What are you looking forward to most from their new attractions and areas?

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