runDisney Superheroes Weekend: See You Real Soon?

The 10k course through Disneyland might be the world’s greatest 10k course.  It meanders through both parks beautifully.  From the breathtaking sunrise entrance in CarsLand at California Adventure to a jog through Sleeping Beauty Castle, every mile is indeed magic.  I cannot wait to do it and the half marathon again, but since all runDisney events at Disneyland were canceled due to construction projects, who knows when that will be?  For the last four years, I have traveled to Anaheim for the races, running four half marathons, three 10ks, and 2 5ks.  I’ve earned four Coast to Coast medals and three Infinity Gauntlet Challenge medals.  More is required.  If you are a comic book fan (and I’m not…I’m married to one, so I get info by osmosis) my collection includes three of the six infinity gems: space, reality and mind.  There are three more to be earned.  Why must it end here? At least for now.

My favorite race is Flint, Michigan’s own Crim road race.  Besides being my hometown race, it is a 10 mile block party, attracting over 10,000 runners annually.  The closest thing that ever compared to the amazing crowd support of Crim is the Avengers Half Marathon, and that is why I made the pilgrimage yearly.  Simply put, I prefer Disneyland races to those at Walt Disney World because of the crowd support, the run through Angels Stadium, the local volunteers, the cosplayers, the bands and cheerleaders.  Trusting that the folks at runDisney made the choice for runner safety, I’ll wait patiently for the races to return better than ever, ignoring all rumors and speculation.

We really did have a great time this year.  Because it is one of the reasons I love the race, I was a bit disappointed that there was not as much course entertainment as in previous years (really missed the cosplayers), the race was flawless and it was clear that runDisney listened to participants and made half marathon course changes that increased the challenge and was a better overall course than in previous years.   This time, we ran around the backside of Angels Stadium.  It kinda snuck up on me.  After a jaunt around the field, we came out near the front entrance and for the first time, I got to see both size 649 1/2 hats at the entrance in person.

All three medals together. I want the last three!
A closer look at this year’s haul

This was the first year my husband traveled with me, and it was his first trip to Disneyland. (did you read his post yet?)  He really enjoyed the characters and race theme, but did not run in any races. Registration was unavailable by the time he decided to go, and boy was he disappointed when he realized what he was missing.  He jokes often about breaking in to “Odin’s Vault” (my collection of medals) to steal the Infinity Gauntlets and other comic themed medals.  If he touches a single one, I’ll turn in to Hulk and smash him to bits, and then sweetly remind him to change the light bulbs in the family room.

But seriously, folks.  The Disneyland races need to return soon.  I miss them already and because of it, my race calendar for 2018 remains completely open.  This gives me the opportunity to plan race-cations in other places, but what is cooler than running at Disney?  To help ease my pain, here’s the plan.  I’ll renew my passport and you’ll talk my husband into letting me run Disneyland Paris, OK?

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