Thor: Ragnarok


With the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok movie coming out on November 3rd, I couldn’t help but draw The Incredible Hulk. Hulk will be playing a huge role in the new movie, teaming up with Thor, after a battle of course, to help him fight Hela and whatever else shows up. The movie is heavily inspired by the Planet Hulk story line in which the Hulk is sent into space by the Avengers after they decide that his power is too much for planet Earth. He eventually lands on a planet where he engages in gladiatorial combat until he eventually becomes the Grand Champion.


The Planet Hulk series and Thor: Ragnarok have some parallels, but will definitely not be the same story. Clearly the friendly competition between Thor and Hulk that has been exhibited within the Marvel Cinematic universe will continue in this movie. With that being said, these two have engaged in combat with one another plenty of times within the comic as well. The first time was in Avengers #3 from 1964. The Hulk was not yet an Avenger. Hulk and Namor the Submariner teamed up and took on the Avengers.

The massive amount of strength the Hulk possesses has always been a good juxtaposition to the godlike power that Thor wields. Thor being one of the most powerful Avengers members, leaves his rogues gallery very different from many of the other Avengers.  Hulk has always been a one of those characters that truly tests the limits of Thor’s abilities.

There is no doubt that this movie will be amazing and a great addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the movie as a whole will be great, I am sure that the gladiator style battle between Thor and Hulk will be a scene to remember.

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