Where Little Mermaid Comes Alive!

I love the Little Mermaid. It is one of my favorite movies! The music and the story are enchanting.

I love that there are so many ways to experience the Little Mermaid at Disney World. But my favorite way is at Art of Animation. Living near Disney World I don’t actually go for long stays. However I do sometimes go for a staycation, and often I book a Little Mermaid room at the Art of Animation. It is one of the least expensive rooms on property, but one of the very best themed ones you will stay in.

You walk in and immediately are immersed in a world Under the Sea.

The details will boggle your mind.

Chairs that resemble shells and a table decorated with music you can almost hear Ariel’s beautiful voice singing about being “where the people are!”

Not only is the room themed to the Little Mermaid-so is the whole area where the Little Mermaid building are located. You walk outside your room and it is all the Little Mermaid.

This is not the first time I have written about Art of Animation. The Little Mermaid rooms are really the best deal you will find when staying at Disney-between the theme and the resort, it may be a value but it certainly does not feel like one.

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