Please Pass The ” Fish Eggs ” ! by Cathy Leo

Caviar is processed, salted and non-fertilized sturgeon roe eggs. Victoria and Albert’s is a restaurant located at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa in Disney Orlando, Florida. You will find Caviar on the menu at Victoria and Albert’s. It’s a known fact that when you see Caviar on the Menu at a restaurant that you are witnessing the ultimate dining experience. Victoria and Albert’s provides its patrons with the ultimate in dining experience. It has been the winner of the AAA 5 Diamond Award every year since 2000.

Victoria and Albert’s offers American Cuisine and Disney prides itself on using local fresh food sources. They also use food in their preparation from all over the world. When you look at the menu and the prices are $$$$ you know for sure that they and any other restaurant are providing the best quality food and it will provide you with the ultimate service. When you dine at a 5 Diamond AAA venue you get only The Best! We have all come to expect the best quality seafood, and fresh right from Florida. 

It Victoria and Albert’s is offering it on the menu then it’s the Russian Osetra Caviar, the most prized and the most expensive caviar. I myself prefer not to indulge in caviar. I’m a meat and potatoes diner, and would also enjoy a great plate of pasta or parmigiana  at Tony’s in The Magic Kingdom, but to experience Victoria and Albert’s is something else.

You can’t pass it up. You have to try it at least once. The Chef’s Table is one thing I never tried. It seats 10 in the Kitchen, and you need to book it well in advance. They say 6 months is the norm. The wine collection is unbelievable with more than 700 selections. There are only 14 tables in the main dining room . Make reservations early. It’s a once in a lifetime dining experience. It’s listed as American Continental Dining. At Victoria and Albert’s you experience  luxurious and intimate dining in 10 Courses in the Queen Victoria Room.

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