A Visit to Funko


I know you have all seen the Funko Pop figures.  You can find them most anywhere – the parks, online, drug stores, big box stores, etc.  Well Funko headquarters in Everett, WA is just a few miles from my house.  Not too long ago they moved into a large new facility.  Recently I went off to explore at Funko with 5 grandkids, their moms and my husband in tow.

Funko had huge Pop figures on display outside of the building and great window displays.  You walk into a huge industrial show room and it’s almost overwhelming.  There are separate areas for Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and yes even D.C. Comics and other pop culture icons.  There were princesses, superheros, side kicks, stormtroopers and just about any character you could think of. There was even a small section of sports legends.


With the exception of those huge figures suspended from the ceiling, as with Thor here, the giant figures are perfect photo ops.  I even had a close up with Stan Lee.

The store is huge and there is no shortage of items for purchase.  Besides the normal sized figures, there are mini figures, pens, stickers, note pads and the like.  There is also a selection of t-shirts and Lounge Fly purses and accessories for each section of the store.  We told each of the grandkids they could select one figure or they could build their own.  Much like the build your own light sabers and potato heads at the Disney parks, you could create your own figure.  The line for this was longer than the check out line.  All 5 grandkids selected a figure and we skipped that line.

Prices were very reasonable.  Like most stores the regular sized figures were $10 with certain premium figures costing $15.  T-shirts and accessories were reasonably priced as well.  We brought home Mickey, Cheshire Cat, Freddie Kruger, Predator along with Batman and Robin.  There is no fee to visit the headquarters and the displays are rotated out seasonally.  Their Christmas decorations were up when we visited, including a Snow Meister and Heat Meister in the front window.  I know there was a special Disney subscription being offered at D23 and the Small World figures they had on display at the Expo were not in the store.

If you are in the area this is definitely a great stop.  It’s about 40 minutes north of Seattle and open usually 7 days a week.  I know I plan on going back and check out some more displays.

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