Kid Picks for Favorite Restaurants in Disney World

Here it is, the final Kid’s Pick article! In this piece, the girls share their top three favorite restaurants in Disney World. They unanimously agreed on their three and had the exact same reasons for why they were their favorite. I have to agree with their picks. These restaurants are really fun filled experiences.

Mia and Addison’s first pick and their absolute favorite restaurant time after time (and my personal favorite too) is Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom. It really is as if you walked right into Beast’s castle. The Grand Ballroom is absolutely breath-taking but don’t miss the West Wing where the red rose is kept or the Castle Gallery which is designed after Belle’s library. With reservations incredibly hard to come by, you must book this one as soon as you possibly can or check back frequently for any openings (the My Disney Experience app makes doing this easy but also check on the My Disney Experience website because I have found that sometimes they don’t show the same availabilities). The girls say “DON’T MISS THIS ONE!” Bonus if you happen to score a dinner reservation, you get to meet Beast himself which would have been number four on their characters to meet list (Beast is my number one. I love Beast). The food is INCREDIBLE!  We have dined here a couple times and we all order something different so we can all share a taste but you really cannot go wrong with anything on the menu.  The food is rich and filling.  It is that delicious, warm-the-soul home cooked meal.  Make sure to leave room for dessert!  The small detail that put the dining experience absolute perfection is that the food is served on carts. It is adorable!  In my family’s opinion, you will not find better food in all of Disney World especially for its price and experience. This truly is a must do.

The girls picked 1900 Park Fare, also known as the Supercalafragilistic Breakfast, as their second choice, which is also my second choice. This breakfast is located at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa which is a must-see resort in Disney World. If your table isn’t ready when you show up, take the opportunity to walk around the lower level of the hotel. It is stunning! The Supercalafragilistic Breakfast is a character dining experience where you have the opportunity to meet Mary Poppins, Alice, The Mad Hatter (our family’s personal favorite, he is fantastic!), Tigger, and Winnie the Pooh. Mia and Addison both enthusiastically agree that the characters are their favorite part of the breakfast. To be able to meet the characters while staying at your table is a huge plus when trying to get the kids to eat a good healthy breakfast for the day while they are bouncing in their seats with excitement to meet all the characters. The characters are staggered around the dining hall floating from table to table meeting everyone. No worries if you get seated and JUST miss a character or if they take a quick break right before coming to you, they cycle through all the tables within 20-3o minutes and pick up where they left off after breaks. There’s a good chance that even with a packed dining room, you would see each character twice. Even with all the tables they have to visit, your personal experience with each character is never felt rushed and is one of a kind. Guests of all ages are included in the interactions. I love watching the interactions between all the characters and the kids but when Tigger wrapped his arms around me and gave me the biggest Tigger hug, I have never felt more like one of the kids, my heart could have burst with excitement. It really was a magical moment. My girls even agreed that the food was, as they put it, THE BEST! It is buffet style and have everything you could imagine for a brunch! They serve cereal, omelets, eggs benedict, pancakes, sausage, bacon, fruits, potatoes, and so much more. Even the famous Mickey Mouse waffles! Our family loved the fact that they had kid buffet stations and adult buffet stations. The kid stations were nice and low so the kids were able to serve themselves and they kept the hot items and sweet treats high on the adult stations. It was really thoughtful. The food is cooked so well and incredibly tasty, you won’t be disappointed!


Addison and Mia’s final choice for their top restaurants in Disney World is T-Rex in Disney Springs. The selling point of this restaurant for the girls was the atmosphere and the activities. They loved the Paleo Dig that they have in the front of the restaurant which is a great way to pass the time while you wait for your table to be ready. The dining areas are wonderfully themed from ice caves to green forests. Make sure to walk around and check out all the themed areas, they all include some really cool dinosaurs that come to life. My girls also loved the meteor showers that took place every 20 minutes. All the dining rooms light up, the dinosaurs come to life as the roar and screech, and the ceiling lights up as the meteors go zooming through. This part of the dining experience could be a little intense for younger guests as it gets incredibly loud. T-Rex also has a Build-A-Bear Workshop but with dinosaurs in the gift shop which the girls loved! The girls were able to create their own dinosaurs while we waited for our food to be served. I normally wouldn’t buy into the Build-A-Bear stuff but they were actually cheaper at T-Rex than they usually are and it was a really fun activity for the kids to do while they waited for their food to be served. Because we all know how antsy kids can get when they are hungry and excited at the same time, am I right? The food at T-Rex is alright. Think Rainforest Café menu but with prehistoric named food items. The menu and food is pretty typical of a chain restaurant but it truly is the atmosphere of the restaurant that is a lot of fun for guests.


I hope you all enjoyed Kid Picks for Restaurants in Disney World and all the Kid Picks articles covering Mia and Addison’s favorite characters to meet, rides, and shows. The girls had an absolute blast giving everyone their opinions and hope that they have helped by giving a kid’s perspective on what to do in Disney World. Thank you for reading and following our little mini-series and we hope you have a magical day!

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