New Ale & Compass Restaurant – A Review

Ale & Compass breakfast cocktails and food menu

Happy 2018 all!  I can’t believe I’ve been back from my Christmas Disney trip for over a month  now!  Time flies!

We were staying at the Beach Club on this most recent trip and decided to try the new Ale & Compass Restaurant at the Yacht Club for breakfast on the morning of our departure (always a sad day).  I apologize for the picture quality – it was a bit of a rushed morning with an oversleeping toddler and a plane to catch – I was lucky I remembered to take pictures at all!

Open kitchen in the background. One thing to note – the tables here are HUGE – it’s nice to have space!

Ale & Compass replaced the old Captain’s Grille in the lobby of the yacht club.  The decor/feel of the restaurant is much more modern and simple, in my opinion, than the Captain’s Grille.  Additionally, breakfast is now only a menu, rather than the menu/buffet option previously offered.  The restaurant is billed as “New England comfort food.”  For breakfast, I found the menu mostly put twists on standard breakfast fare.

I liked that they had a nice selection of teas to choose from, but I opted for an apple juice this time.  My husband had coffee (he said it was standard Disney coffee) and our son had milk.  Nothing overly exciting on our drink choices.

Different drink choices. The bottom was cutoff, but was “normal” beverage choices

For our meals, my carbo-loving child enjoyed the pancakes.  I forgot to take a picture of the children’s menu, but it actually listed blueberry pancakes on the menu.  As always, Disney chefs were happy to comply with the request to modify and put the blueberries in a fruit cup on the side (2 year olds can be so picky on how food looks!).

Kids pancakes. When you have a cranky toddler, you have him dive right in before worrying about pictures

My husband went with the blueberry-bacon pancakes with sausage on the side.  He really enjoyed them – the bacon and blueberries are mixed right into the pancake.  As I’m not a bacon fan, I passed on giving these a try.  He said you could definitely taste the bacon in there.

Bacon blueberry pancakes. As with a toddler, when you have a cranky husband, you let him dive in before pictures too 🙂

After much deliberation, I opted for the salted caramel-apple french toast with fresh fruit on the side.  This wasn’t exactly what I was picturing (I was thinking something a little more decadent), but it was still good.  There were a lot of apples filling the pieces of french toast, but I thought it could’ve used more caramel and crumb topping.  Then again, I think pretty much everything tastes better with extra caramel and crumbs so I could be bias 🙂

Salted Caramel Apple French Toast. Fruit cup on the side.

The service was excellent and the restaurant was not at all crowded the entire time we were there (we had an 8:15 reservation).  If you’re staying in the Epcot resort area, or are planning an early Hollywood Studios or Epcot morning, and want a simple, quiet breakfast off the beaten path, then I would recommend Ale & Compass.  However, it’s relatively standard fare and I would not necessarily make a trip to the Yacht Club just for breakfast here.


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One thought on “New Ale & Compass Restaurant – A Review

  • January 19, 2018 at 7:49 AM

    Not a fan of bacon? :-O

    Great review, we loved breakfast there when it was Captain’s Grille, might have to give Ale & Compass a try


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