Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Even in the morning fog, Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is breathtaking. Last month I had the chance to visit Disney for the week leading up to Christmas. During this stay I was lucky enough to ride both of the new attractions in the Pandora section. The scenery as you cross the bridge into Pandora is simply amazing. The area is so well done, you actually feel submersed in the Avatar world. The different water areas are so beautiful and serene. The colors and sounds just add to the complete feeling of being in a different world.

My first visit to Animal Kingdom, my daughter and I had fast passes for the Na’vi River Journey. When we were there, the standby line was at least 120 minutes. With our fast passes though, we waited maybe 10-15 minutes. As we quickly walked through the fast pass queue, I got to see even more beautiful details. As with any other Disney attraction, even the queues are submersive, down to the hand rails. The ride itself was just ok. The bioluminescent colors, sounds, and plant life were visually very stimulating. That’s about all though. There’s no real story line for the boat ride, you simply just float around and admire the pretty colors. The animatronic Shaman at the end was well done, but for me the ride wasn’t something I would wait for. I’m glad we had fast passes!

I also got the chance to ride the new Flight of Passage. Now this ride is amazing. I waited with my friends for a little over an hour first thing in the morning. Then as we approached the actual entrance for the standby line, I had to stay outside and wait with my daughter, who wasn’t tall enough to ride. My party then went through and got me a rider swap fast pass to use later. It allows me to bring up to 2 other people back on the ride! From that point, my friends waited another hour and a half. So I spent that time doing other things with my daughter while we waited. So in the end, we waited 2.5 hours to ride this! The line averaged 4 hours the whole week we were there. Crazy! It was definitely an awesome experience though! I’ll save that recap for next month though. So see you then! πŸ™‚

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