The Black Panther


This month I was compelled to draw T’Challa, the Black Panther, in the style of Disney Infinity. My family and I loved the Disney Infinity games and I love comics even more. I thoroughly follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe and greatly await the arrival of Black Panther on the big screen.

Chadwick Boseman returns on February 15th to reprise his role as the Black Panther in his much anticipated solo movie. He made his first debut in comics back in 1966 as the first super hero of African descent in mainstream American comics. Originally, he was named the Coal Tiger, then the Black Leopard, but ultimately Marvel decided no not shy away from current events (1966) and decided to name the character the Black Panther.

This movie means a lot to the Marvel cinematic universe. It will finally show the wonderful world of Wakanda, possibly unite the Avengers that found themselves fractured after Captain America: Civil War, and get us one step closer to finally seeing the titular villain Thanos arrive and kick off Avengers 4. With that being said, for people all over the world that consider themselves people of color, this movie is exactly what they have been clamoring for and long overdue.  Misrepresentation and under-representation of various cultures has plagued mainstream media. With Ryan Coogler directing, Ta Nehisi Coats writing, and a representative cast, this movie moves past whitewashing controversies and showcases the characters as true to form.

The desire and excitement for this movie can be felt all around. Actress Lupita Nyong’o was unable to get tickets for her own movie as pre-sale tickets were sold out in her area. In big cities, some Boys and Girls clubs have raised money to take the children on an excursion to the theater to ensure young children get to see a big screen hero that they can more closely relate to. This movie is expected to be PG-13 and will surely be a must see.

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