Beating Boredom While Waiting in Lines

Beating Boredom in Long Lines

Disney World and Disneyland are such magical places but nothing zaps the magic right out of them for kids like waiting in long lines. Heck, even us adults can grow very impatient when it comes to peak summer lines. You get all excited to get in line for a ride you have been dying to get on and then BAM! You are at a stand-still or crawl for what couldbe hours. This could get really rough with kids especially since strollers aren’t usually allowed in lines. What is someone to do? With spring break coming up and summer vacations being booked, here is how my family and I beat boredom while waiting in line.

Disney has really stepped up their line game by integrating many interactive activities into their queues. Rides like Test Track, Haunted Mansion, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and many more have wonderful hands on activities around every turn that when the line does move, you don’t want to leave. Rides like Frozen Ever After and Tower of Terror may not have interactive things to do, but they are so perfectly themed that you don’t necessarily feel the wait being a burden.

Hidden Mickeys! They are everywhere! While waiting in lines, make sure you have your eyes peeled for them. Before our last trip to Disney World, we went online and printed out the rides and attractions that have Hidden Mickeys and their general whereabouts so that way when we were in those lines at certain points, we just started looking. It was really fun! It was like Mickey I, Spy.

Found a Hidden Mickey!

Now there are ride and character queues and shows that are just zigzagging lines or just sitting in seats for over a half hour or more with nothing to do. This is where you have to be creative, especially to entertain those little ones who just want to meet that character or see the show NOW! Our family likes to play games like I, Spy, 20 questions (you think of a Disney character and everyone asks yes or no questions to find out what character you are thinking of), making decorations into some goofy photo-ops, and one of my kids’ favorite is when we make up a story by taking turns only saying one sentence at a time; it’s really fun to hear what kids come up with. But our all-time favorite Disney beat-the-boredom memory is when we were sitting for what felt like forever waiting for Fantasmic! to start, someone taped on my husband’s shoulder and asked if he would help start the wave. It ended up working and they got the whole stadium doing the wave for 8 minutes until the show started. Our girls thought it was the coolest thing! Watch our video of our awesome wave here: IMG_3377

But the best of the best boredom buster for my family is Ellen’s Heads Up game. It is a free app that you can download on your phone or device. Heads Up has a Disney Parks deck that is free to play as long as you are in a Disney Park! It is such a fun game that entertain adults and kids alike. I highly recommend having this on hand, especially for those long lines and waits.

I really hope this gives some ideas to help beat those long waits. Do you have any tips or tricks that you or your family use to beat boredom in the parks?

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