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Fanciful Food Truck Fare

August 21, 2015

With the popularity of food trucks, it was inevitable that they would appear on Disney property, and I was thrilled to hear the news. Around just about a year now, they are typically located in Downtown Disney on the West Side. There are four different trucks that vary in food type from Disneyland’s famous...
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The Magic of Mouse Ears

July 24, 2015

Mouse Ears.  Over the years they have become available in a large range of colors, shapes and sizes, but the thing that remains certain is the undeniable silhouette that one gets after putting on a pair.  As one of the more recognizable souvenirs one would purchase on a Disney vacation, the Mouse Ear Hats first...
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$25 a Day at Disney World

July 10, 2015

There are a few things I’m known for, one of which is being cheap.  I prefer to call it, “Frugal Fun.”  Since I’ll be at the parks an extended time period this summer (three weeks, woo hoo!) I figured I’d better spend the trip wearing two hats, the “foodie” hat and the “frugal” one. ...
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A Fabulous Fourth

June 26, 2015

Are you planning to be at Walt Disney World for Independence Day?  There are some things you should know before going.  There is a lot of patriotic play prepared for guests, but planning is paramount if you want to participate and have a fabulous Fourth of July vacation. Crowds are often at capacity; it...
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Hmmm…Where to Stay?

June 12, 2015

There are thirty four resorts and hotels on Walt Disney World property, twenty eight of these are owned by Disney.  Even more numerous are the off-property hotels and vacation homes available.  Truth is, not everyone stays on-property.  How do you choose where to stay and why?  There are benefits to every option.  What must be...
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The Queue Question

May 29, 2015
Haunted Mansion Queue

In a few weeks, I’ll be headed to the parks with fourteen other people.  In our group, there are eight children anywhere from age one to fifteen.  There are six children under age six.  (Have we lost our minds? Yep!) Our vacation will happen during one of the busiest times of year, so our expectation...
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Avengers Assemble…Almost

May 15, 2015

I cannot believe the Avengers Half Marathon has yet to sell out.  There it sits, at 72% capacity a month after registration opened, while the Wine and Dine Half Marathon sold out in under an hour.  While the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge, 5K & 10K races have sold out, this is still MUCH slower than...
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Supercalifragelistic Side Dishes

May 1, 2015

Side dishes. Without them, a meal isn’t complete, but no one ever talks about them.  Who wants only steak?  It’s just a big slab-o-meat until you add potatoes, and then it becomes a meal.  A meal without a side dish is like Mulan without Mushu, Aladdin sans Abu, or Ariel minus Flounder.  Sometimes, the...
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Preposterous Peanut Problems

April 17, 2015

After church a couple of weeks ago, someone gave our daughter a piece of candy.  It was a miniature peanut butter cup.  Typically, our daughter avoids peanut butter; she just doesn’t like it.  But this particular Sunday was Easter.  Candy flowed from the children’s classrooms like water from Splash Mountain.  My husband opened it...
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Supercalifragilistic Snacks

April 3, 2015
Red Velvet Cupcake

It’s no secret that I think Disney World has some of the best food offered, and that is one of the reasons our family frequents the parks so often.  There are a number of items so good that stand above the rest.  If you are planning a visit, be sure these items are on...
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