Stuart Sternberg

Stuart Sternberg is the founder of WDW Fan Zone. Born and raised in New York City but New Jersey has been home for several years now. A devoted husband and proud father of two amazing children. A huge fan of Walt Disney World and Bruce Springsteen. A die hard Yankee, Jet, and New York Ranger fan. His motto is "all Disney all the time." Always willing to lend a helping hand to friends and family whenever needed. Stuart’s writing career began with his own blog, You can find and follow Stuart on Twitter at!/wdwfanzonestu. Stuart is also on Facebook and Google +.

The Haunted Mansion’s Black Widow Bride, Kat Cressida Has a Heart of Gold

October 27, 2015

When Walt Disney decided to bring his visions to life, I wonder if he knew the enormity his dreams would have on so many throughout the world? Through the internet, radio, television, movies, books, music, video games, or the parks we have all been exposed to Disney. A person who was exposed to Disney...
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How To Treat Yourself To A Halloween Day At Disney World

October 15, 2015

Why should the goblins, ghouls, and ghosts have all the fun on Halloween? I say we all meet up at Disney World and take a spirited tour through the parks. We’ll meet up in the Magic Kingdom for breakfast at the Main Street Bakery where we can have one of many Halloween treats like...
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Putting Your Disney Passion To Work

October 1, 2015

So many people would love the opportunity to work for Disney. For the extremely passionate Disney fan the dream is to not only live near the parks but to also work for Disney. As Disney fans we have certain perspectives of Disney from the parks, to the cast members, and the corporation. Something to...
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A Timeless Classic – Muppet Vision 3D

September 17, 2015

Located on New York Street, Muppet Vision 3D opened its doors on May 16, 1991 at the then named Disney MGM Studios. The attraction was collaboration between Jim Henson Productions, Walt Disney Studios, and Walt Disney Imagineering. When you enter through the doors of the attraction you pick up a pair of 3D glasses....
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A Special Disney Vacation Moment

September 3, 2015
Southside3 001

Some might say that vacationing at Walt Disney World leaves no time to rest for the weary. Others define their trip by the number of attractions they can fit into a single day. Some are just happy to be in the “most magical place on earth.” When ever you visit Walt Disney World there...
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The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights 2015

August 20, 2015

This year the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights will transform the Street’s of America from November 6, 2015 through January 3, 2016. This is an absolutely must do destination if you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World during the holiday season.  In 1986 Jennings Osborne started to decorate his house in Arkansas...
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My 3 Favorite Places For A Chocolate Treat At Walt Disney World

August 6, 2015

There are so many places where you can find great chocolate on Walt Disney World property. Picking a top 3 was no easy task and there really is no wrong answer when choosing your favorite places for chocolate treats on Disney World property. Sweet Spells Whenever I am in Disney’s Hollywood Studios with a...
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Characters Are Never In Short Supply On A Disney Cruise

July 23, 2015

It has been a little over a month and a half since Lou Mongello’s WDW Radio Cruise to Alaska came to an end. I have said it before this was the greatest non-Disney park vacation I have ever been on. My wife and I have already booked Lou’s WDW Radio E-ticket cruise from New...
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Why You Should Stop Planning Disney For Tomorrow and Do Disney Today

July 9, 2015

When it comes to a Disney vacation the key is planning, planning and more planning. Whether it’s a vacation to the Disney parks, a Disney cruise, Adventures By Disney, or a trip to Disney’s Aulani resort the first stage is planning when to go. How many times have you said or been told, “next...
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A Disney Wonder Through Tracy Arm

June 25, 2015

Two of the many places I had on my bucket list to visit was Vancouver and Alaska. I finally made it to both having just returned from the incredibly great Lou Mongello WDW Radio Cruise to Alaska. It also afforded me the opportunity to see one of the most breath taking places I have...
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